Jay’s Quality Wild Birdseed Products


Seed Blends

Each of the following blends are mixed to our specifications to attract the widest variety of birds based on the habitat in which you live. All of these 25 lb. products qualify for our simple birdseed punch card program. When you buy 10 of any one of the seed types below, you get the 11th free! You don’t have to keep track of your punch card either, because we update it for you in our computer system. These seed varieties are also available in 1-gallon jugs.

Premium Blend Bird Seed

Premium Blend

Jay’s Premium Blend Birdseed is the best seed mix designed to attract the widest variety of wild birds. This blend contains five ingredients: black-oil sunflower, sunflower chips, striped sunflower, white proso millet, peanut hearts and safflower. We recommend feeding this blend in an elevated feeder. Jay’s Premium Blend Birdseed works in the widest variety of habitats and is good at attracting an incredible variety of birds.

Preferred Blend Bird Seed

Preferred Blend

Jay’s Preferred Blend contains four ingredients: black-oil sunflower, striped sunflower, safflower and white-proso millet. This blend is recommended for areas where there are not very many ground feeding birds such as dove and quail. Preferred Blend is recommended for the Prescott area in forested areas such as Groom Creek, Walker, and Timberridge. It is recommended to feed this blend in an elevated feeder.

Wasteless Blend Bird Seed

Wasteless Blend

Jay’s Wasteless Blend is just that – all of the ingredients in this blend have been removed from the shell so you are getting a mixture that is close to 100 percent edible. There are four ingredients in this blend: sunflower chips, white proso millet, cracked corn and nyjer. This blend can be fed either in elevated feeders or directly on the ground. The advantage to feeding this blend is that the birds clean up whatever you put out so there are no hulls or husks littering the ground.

No-Mess Blend Bird Seed

No-Mess Blend

Jay’s No-Mess blend is a non-germinating blend.  There are four ingredients: sunflower chips, hulled millet, cracked corn, and nyjer. This is a great blend to feed in patio areas as it gets cleaned up by the birds and there is no waste in the way of hulls and shells. This blend can be fed in any habitat and is preferred by all seed-eating types of birds.

Select Blend Bird Seed

Select Blend

Jay’s Select Blend is geared for ground feeding purposes, and can be fed either directly on the ground, or in a platform or tray feeder placed either directly on the ground or near ground level. This blend has three ingredients: white proso millet, cracked corn and black-oil sunflower. This blend is designed to attract Gambel’s quail, mourning doves, spotted and canyon towhees, dark eyed juncos and white-crowned sparrows.

Half ‘n’ Half Bird Seed Blend

Half ‘n’ Half

Jay’s Half ‘n Half Blend has only two ingredients in equal amounts: black-oil sunflower seed and white proso millet. The two ingredients in this blend are the two most popular seeds desired by wild birds. This blend is designed to cater to both feeder birds (birds that prefer to feed at elevated feeders) and ground feeding birds such as dove, towhee and quail.

Sunflower Chips Bird Seed

Sunflower Chips

This seed product is often referred to as sunflower hearts or nuts. This product is 100% black-oil sunflower seeds out of the shell, and is screened to have no more than two percent waste materials in it. Sunflower chips are commonly fed in a tube feeder and are effective in attracting a variety of species such as finches, nuthatches and chickadees. The advantage to feeding sunflower chips is that you do not have the hulls and husks from the black-oil sunflower seeds littering the ground.

Black-oil Sunflower Bird Seed

Black-oil Sunflower

This seed product is 100% black-oil sunflower seed in the shell, screened to have no more than 2% waste materials. Black-oil sunflower is best fed in an elevated feeder instead of down on the ground. Black-oil sunflower is effective at attracting a wide variety of bird species such as grosbeaks, finches, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, etc.

White Proso Millet Bird Seed

White Proso Millet

This seed product is 100% white-proso millet. This product is specifically geared to attracting ground feeding birds. Millet can be fed directly on the ground by broadcasting the seed as if you were feeding the chickens, or you can put it in a ground feeder such as a platform or tray feeder. Millet is preferred by ground feeding birds such as Gambel’s quail, mourning doves, spotted and canyon towhees, and a variety of sparrows.

Nyjer (thistle) Bird Seed

Nyjer (thistle)

Nyjer seed, formerly called thistle, is the best way to attract lesser goldfinches to your yard. Nyjer should only be fed in feeders designed for nyjer seed due to its small size. Nyjer is also effective in attracting house finches, Cassin’s finches, pine siskins and American goldfinches–depending on where you live and what your habitat is. Nyjer is sterilized so it cannot germinate and produce weeds. Nyjer is also available in 10 lb. and 50 lb. bags.

Other Seed Products

Jay’s Bird Barn also sells the following seed and nut products to attract wild birds to your backyard.

  • Peanuts in the shell
    Whole raw peanuts in the shell are a favorite for attracting western scrub jays, Stellar’s jays, and woodpeckers to your yard. Peanuts in the shell are available in 5lb. bags.
  • Whole raw peanuts out of the shell
    Raw peanuts out of the shell are effective in attracting a variety of birds such as jays, nuthatches, woodpeckers, titmice and chickadees. Raw peanuts are typically fed in a tube feeder with a wire mesh, but can also be fed in tray and platform feeders. Raw peanuts out of the shell are available in 1 gallon jugs.
  • Quail blocks
  • Mr. Bird seed products
    Mr. Bird products are a variety of high-quality seed and nut cakes, made up of regular birdseeds, as well as pecans, peanuts, mealworms, and more.
  • Safflower seed
  • Seed bells
  • Squirrel corn
  • Wildlife food designed to attract squirrels
  • Suet

I had been using the “big store” brand of cheap seed for 1 1/2 years — the same bag! I only saw maybe 1 bird in 2 weeks. On a recent visit to your store, I explained my problem to one of your associates. She showed me the seed that I had been using and explained that the birds only like a small portion of the contents. She suggested the “Prescott no-waste” seed and I tried a gallon. It took 4 days for the birds to realize that I had replaced their food. But from then on I have had up to 20 birds at any given time eating, fighting for a space, or waiting on the hanger for food! Thank you for a great product!