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The Magic of Migration

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Join us for a fascinating lecture by Dena Greenwood, biologist and manager of Jay’s Bird Barn.

Saturday, Aug. 20 th , 10am – 11:30 am

Yavapai College Clarkdale Campus, Bldg. G Rm. 106

Registration: $15 per individual

Contact VRNO.org for tickets or call: 928-282- 2202

We are privileged in the Verde Valley to experience the diversity of migratory birds, as our Valley is part of the interior Pacific Flyway. Birds migrate from Mexico, South and Central America and make their way to northern breeding grounds. Some as far north as Alaska and Canada. We are currently in the middle of the Fall migration. Many of these same birds that passed through in spring may stop at your house to refuel for their long journey southward.


Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagles
After posting the picture of the Bald Eagle I took at Willow Lake, I decided that it was appropriate to go ahead and write an article about this iconic species. The Bald Eagle is, of course, our nation’s bird; a symbol of power, grace and, due to circumstances in the latter half of the 20th century, resilience. An interesting fact, though, is that Ben Franklin vehemently opposed the naming of the Bald Eagle as our national bird, campaigning instead for the Wild Turkey. He felt this way, in part, because he had observed Bald Eagles stealing easy meals from other predators and thus regarded Bald Eagles as “thieves.”

Arizona: It’s for the Birds

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Guest post by Jessica Roth

Arizona: It’s for the Birds

When I first arrived to Arizona in 2006, I could probably rattle off the names of fewer birds than I have fingers. Crow, raven, robin—the habitat generalists hanging around every town from Boston all the way to San Diego. Just a year later, having enrolled in a Natural History & Ecology course at Prescott College, I’d dog-eared over half the pages in my field guide and could tell the difference between a Pygmy, White-breasted, and Red-breasted Nuthatch in a split second. This extraordinary shift in my abilities had very little to do with me. Some of the credit goes to my professor, Tom Fleischner. The lion’s share, however, I owe to central Arizona’s unrivaled biodiversity.


Grassland Raptors

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Grassland Raptors

This last Sunday, the 8th, I had the opportunity to take part in a Winter Raptor Survey with Zach Smith, a local ornithologist. Some of you may know Zach if you have been on any of Jay’s Bird Barn bird walks he has lead. We met at about 9am just west of the airport and from there headed north to patrol the back roads of the Chino Valley area in search of wintering raptors. I was excited about the opportunity, as Zach had routinely seen a few raptor species that had eluded my detection.

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