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Prescott’s hidden treasure – the Community Nature Center

Do you seek adventure? Are you always looking for a new place to go hiking or birding? Are you familiar with the "old" Community Nature Center? The Community Nature Center property is owned by the City of Prescott and is located at 1980 Williamson Valley Road. The...

The hobby of backyard birding brings enjoyment

Years ago, when we landscaped our yard, we made every effort to plant trees and shrubs that fulfilled two specific criteria. First, they had to be native plants (if not native to Prescott, then at least native to Arizona), and second, they had to provide some kind of...

Sparrows are another common winter species

In last week's column on dark-eyed juncos, I mentioned that juncos are frequently seen feeding down on the ground with sparrows. Sparrows, for many birders, can be very challenging to identify. Today's column will touch on some of the more common winter sparrow...

Changing seasons, changing birds

Last week I did a daily check of Granite Creek and Watson Lake. With all of the rain we had, I was hoping the level of the lake would rise to the point where the city could open the gate to the cross-cut channel and send excess water from Watson over to Willow....

Upcoming activities to get you out in nature

Happy September! Several nature-related events are on tap this month. This weekend, the Highlands Center for Natural History will be hosting their second annual Nature Festival. The three day event starts tomorrow and features a keynote speaker event. On Saturday and...

Hummingbird migration activity is at its peak

This past Sunday afternoon, I made a quick trip down to Phoenix. I got stuck in traffic heading south on I-17 with folks returning to the valley after enjoying a weekend in the high country of northern Arizona. As I sat in this elongated parking lot waiting for the...

Bird watching in Washington

This past week, my wife and I made a trip to Seattle to see our son, Merritt, and his sweet family.  As you can imagine, I made a point of going bird watching every day!  Any time I am in a new part of the country with a unique habitat, there are different birds to be...

A tale of observing nature in action

On Saturday, I led a Jay’s Bird Barn–sponsored bird walk to Stricklin Park and Butte Creek Trail on Sherwood Drive, just off Thumb Butte Road, north of Hassayampa Village Lane. Three very different habitats overlap in the park—ponderosa pine, pinyon/oak/juniper, and...

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About the owner, Eric Moore

My interest in birds began when I was very young. By the time I was five years old I was fascinated with birds and watched them at feeders in my parents’ yard in Massachusetts.

At the age of 13 I joined the Tucson chapter of the National Audubon Society. When I lived in Utah I participated in the Utah County Birders Club (there was not an Audubon chapter in Provo). I have been associated with the Prescott chapter of the National Audubon Society for the past eleven years and have served on the board of directors and as the publicity chair.

I have led bird walks, been in charge of the Spring Migratory Bird Count, and I have participated in the Christmas Bird Count in Tucson, Provo, and Prescott for a time period spanning 30 years. I consider myself to be an excellent birder. Birding is more than a hobby for me–it is a passion.

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